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can anyone help me?



New member
Dec 30, 2019
united kingdom
Hello all. i’ve come here for a little help figuring myself out, wasn’t sure what forum to post this on or if this is even the right website. but i’m going to write all the things i do which i find a nuisance or negative and see if anyone has any idea if i might be suffering from mental health issues. so first off i have sleep problems have done for most of my life (i am only 20) i fall asleep late and wake up late. doesn’t really matter how tired i was that day. i can be very unproductive, i procrastinate a lot. i can get stressed easily and can be sensitive, as i’m insecure about who i am compared to who i want to be. as a teenager i had a fair share of angry outbursts, this has settled down but still happens on a milder level. im in a relationship, we’ve been together for 2 years and we have a good relationship but at times i can be insecure. i seek reassurance and i deeply evaluate our relationship. i’m very fidgety, i bite my nails, crack my fingers, trichotillomania - very unpleasant stuff but there urges. also something i’ve done since childhood. i was a shy child and although i’ve become more confident i still struggle with social situations i can’t ‘banter’ with people unless we have a very strong relationship. i haven’t made many new friends if any since the ones i made in my early high school years. failed past career choices and my sleep problems / social skills have made me somewhat work shy during this lockdown. i do have a job as a waiter though the hours are light and this is not a serious career choice for me. also i’ve never been the technical type, often taking a long time to learn how to do hands on things, i struggle with co-ordination. i loose interest in things very quickly so i have no hobbies. i struggle with completing tasks that take a lot of thought (stuff i feel i would be capable of i was more focused). i’ve had some problems with drinking wether it be drinking too much when i’m out with friends or drinking a lone when i’m feeling down, this is something i feel i’ve got quite under control at the moment however. this is getting very long and i’m started to feel very narcissistic lol. i’m not saying there’s any wrong with me i just don’t do to well opening up to people i know. if you read this all thank you! and any help is appreciated:)
Zero One

Zero One

Well-known member
May 19, 2020
United States
Hello jacob099, you sound Bipolar to me or possibly bpd, I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist. Welcome 💕


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2021
Southern USA
Welcome Jacob. I love your name.
I think a lot of people feel exactly the same at 20. I definitely admire your insight and desire to address things early.
There are plenty good peeps here.
Best luck!
one light

one light

Well-known member
Aug 19, 2020
England - Up North
My suggestion is keep that drinking under control, I've been there with that problem - and the sleep issues, watch how much time online especially in that last hour in the evening, reprogram your sleep schedule, so maybe get up a little earlier then you'll be tired later - and all those other bits and pieces, cracking fingers etc - maybe look up 'the power of the mind' - many simple self help ideas in there to make you stronger day by day - people here will help... good luck, and seek professional help if it gets out of hand...


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Jun 13, 2016
Hi Jacob, thank you for sharing all of that :) Habits can be hard to break, but having a desire for change helps and it seems to me you're getting to the point where you are no longer content doing them :) I'm no Therapist etc. but I wonder do you have too much time to spare? You mentioned not really having any interests, and a lack of inspiration/motivation isn't about to make you want to pursue those sort of things, however you do seem to have this underlying desire for change. When I'm not happy with things and I have a desire for change, I find it gives me motivation :) If you were to write down/make a list of things you aren't happy with and would like to change, you might find the inspiration for interests among them ;) Hope this helps :)


Jan 11, 2021
Hello Jacob!
You seemed a bit depressed and anxious. For the sleeping part, you should change it up by forcing yourself to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier. You body is like a clock and it is use to go to bed late and wake up late. It is possible to change it, but it's hard and you gotta have a lot of determination! I think you can do it!!


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Forum Guide
Jun 16, 2020
Hi jacob welcome to the forum :welcome:
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