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Can anyone help me?



Jan 11, 2020
Rather not say
Hi all. I was dx with bipolar last week so it's all still new to me. Am in a strange mood (felt like this a few times in the past).. I am so confused I just dont know. I feel so up yet so down I just cant describe it. For 4days I have been Angry, happy anxious sad laughing then same cycle again. I just dont know of I am coming or going. So many thoughts are going through me head right now and I just need a break, i cant focus ...argh...what do I do. Is this bipolar?? Is this worth me calling my pdoc or should I just ride it out until I see her next week?


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya. Have you ever heard of a mixed episode? Its when we are high and low at the same time. Its very disorienting and can be dangerous as the high can loosen the inhibitions and the lows can make you want to act on those feelings. I'm NOT saying that is what you have as I can't possibly diagnose on a forum but you could look it up and ask yourself if it fits or not.

I was the same when newly diagnosed, I didn't want to believe it at first. But over time it makes complete sense and fits in with what has happened over the years. I hope your pdoc can find a cocktail of meds which suit you and can balance you out. Initially you may feel numbed out but in time you can work with the meds. Best of luck


Jan 11, 2020
Rather not say
Thank you for your reply and advice! I havent heard of mixed episodes. After reading your reply I decided to call my pdoc. She wasnt there but the lady on the phone said it sounds like it could be a mixed episode so she has arranged an emergency app with another pdoc tonight. Hopefully they can help me.....Thanks again.
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