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can anyone help me understand this?



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Oct 4, 2009
so i went to the doctors today about my depression, as my anti depressants just dont work for me they always make me go funny i have tried 4 different ones.. she reckons i have more anxiety and is sending me to something called IAPT - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.. i have to wait for an appointment.. i so zoned out when she was tellin me about it all i got was they will help me figure things out or somethin..

anyone know it?

and can anyone tell me what an anxiety disorder is ? and how it effects you or life?

i know about depression but i never thought about an anxiety thing.. everyone has anxiety!! im so confused..


Dec 13, 2009
In the most simple sense Anxiety is a fearful reaction to inappropriate stimuli. Everyone gets anxious, you are right. Everyone gets anxious before a job interview or when standing in front of an uncaged lion.
But to someone with an anxious disorder they get very fearful in situations where there shouldn't be any fear. Outside the home, in a queue at the bank, when looking at a jar of peanut butter for example! It is different for everyone.

Anxiety is an umbrella term with many disorders where anxiety is the result. E.g. social anxiety, general anxiety, post traumatic anxiety, phobias, etc

If your anxious you get physical symptoms such as sweating, palpitation, neausea, light-headedness, and hyperventalation

More prominently you get the mental symptoms such as panic, thoughts that you are losing it, going mad, thinking you are having a heart attack or your going to die and so on.

As for the other thing I have no idea, I have never heard of it.