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Can Anxiety fuel Depression?



Feb 14, 2020
Newcastle, New South Wales
So here's my issue. I feel consistently hopeless, worried and tired. At home, I am very distant, I isolate myself and don't interact much with my family. In public (with my friends), I am bubbly and out-going. I constantly talk to my friends and strangers. I am typically in a state of happiness however I constantly stress about plans and the time. Being happy feels like a chore; something that unless I'm with friends, I struggle to maintain. I used to laugh all the time however nowadays it's rare. Over the past 6 years or so I've struggle with Anxiety (generalised). I've received CBT from a psychologist -> It helped cleared away some worries and provided clarity on the effect of Anxiety. When I'm put under pressure I often suffer from memory loss and visible shaking. I also am hypersensitive to emotion; if I am sad or angry I will cry for hours and I can tell someone is sad upset from various distances (quite a talent.) In comparison to others I always thought that I wasn't depressed and I have never pursued suicidal thoughts (they are pretty rare.) Recently I have considered that maybe I suffer with a very minor form of depression, stemmed originally from the worries created by my Anxiety. Is this possible?

Kind regards,


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2015
England. Derbyshire
Hi Charmayne,
Yes, it is possible to have both.
I have been diagnosed and treated for both at the same time.

However, it is best to see a professional to receive a correct diagnosis.


Feb 14, 2020
Newcastle, New South Wales


Feb 17, 2020
United States
Anxiety can fuel depression very easily. For me it prevents me from doing things I want and makes everything much more stressful. It makes me feel hopeless because I feel like I will never be able to do certain things.


Active member
Feb 17, 2020
Psychology is a theory, and we can state many theories as to why you feeling the way you are. Now that's said. My believe, anxiety and depression is a state of reality. The opposite of reality is an idea. Idea is happiness and confidence. If you are in the state of reality, then you should be injecting some kind of happiness and confidence into your thoughts. The ideas does not have to be true, as long if they bring you happiness and confidence.

I have three suggestions for you.

1. Exercise
2. Socialize
3. Wisdom (books)
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