Can Anxiety affect only one side of body?!



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Mar 21, 2019
Hiya everyone, I’ve been reading all your replies on here and thought I would reply and tell my story.
Out of the blue I was asleep in bed, woke up around 12am feeling like I was going to pass out I had ringing in my ears my vision was closing in on me felt very shakey all my left side went cold and numb. I phoned for an ambulance who came and completed a ECG and all was fine apart from high blood pressure. I now get tingling in my eyes also
The next day I went to the doctors and I’ve had so many tests done -
Three ECGs
A stomach ultra sound because I have terrible stomach cramps burning
3 full blood counts
1 thyroid blood test
1 vitamin d blood test (came back abit low)
1 glandular fever blood test - my glands all in my chest / arms / legs feel sore and tingly
All of the above came back normal 🙈
I’m now been sent to a neurologist this week because since the first attack I’ve had around 10 more in the space of 4 weeks. They are so draining the next day I feel tired achey and numb.
I’ve noticed they either come on at night when I’m asleep or when I get abit stressed up ie go to the doctors. They never really come on when I’m busy with the kids. I get abit if tingling down my arm and burning down my side near my ribs.
The doctor has prescribed me sterlin but I’ve heard a lot of bad things of this tablet anyone else had heard or taken this ?
Any advice on the above or just to chat would be great :) will let you know how I get on tomorrow at the neurologist
Philippa x
Hello philippa_j

That's exactly what happened to me 3 weeks ago. I remembered being exhausted for working the whole day, i was also talking to my mom when suddenly i felt pressure on my left ear and then it somehow spread to left side of my head.. when i sat down my left arm and leg felt weak, and there was tingling/numbness on my stomach. I ate 2 bananas because i remembered that "weakening" part feels like the symptoms of hypokalemia i had like 10 years ago. The only difference was the ear pressure and the dizziness that accompanied the numbness.

The next day, i felt muscle cramps (dull though) on the left side of my body where the "weakness" took place the night before. I also had a chest pain which i could point with my finger and when i pressed on it, it feels bruised inside.

I went to see a doctor, but only had CBC.. which showed low potassium. And i had a low blood pressure of 80/60. I was prescribed medicine for vertigo and hypokalemia.

I went back to the doctor because i had (until now) a dull burning sensation just below my left rib. Like on the upper left abdomen or in line with the last rib on the left. And i was given (pantoprazole) doctor said it was just a heartburn/reflux. I am done with the 2 weeks PPI, but still having dizziness and burning sensation below my left rib and is now travelling to my back, can't explain this burning sensation (it's moving around) sometimes on my shoulders or neck too (i feel like it has something to do with the veins/nerve).
But what bothers me most is the air/gas/pressure that just suddenly pops out of nowhere and it leaves my head feeling like something is crawling inside.

I hope you can share any update here. It will be of great help. I hope you are feeling better now.