Bullying, Name calling at work



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Mar 16, 2019
Hei! I recently started to work in a veggie restaurant as FOH staff (waiter, barista etc.). I work in an interesting team but there is a big problem. Since I started working, some guys in there are very, very toxic. They talk very nasty, they don't know what respect is and they talk to you in a tone that's it's ment to put you down. There are 3 guys, 2 in the kitchen and one in my team, in the front. I really don't understand what their problem is. I tried to talk nice to the guys in the back and told them I would like to be treated with certain degree of respect. Only one of the guys does it but the other one is still very disrespectful and toxic. But there is a bigger problem. There is a girl in my team. She's a little more childish and the guys talk with her like she's nobody. I'm serious. I feel so bad for her. I wanted to stand up for her today but I remembered that yesterday I just told to one of the guys to stop calling me names. I felt like he would think I have a problem with him if I wouldve told him again today that he is being disrespectful to the girl. Also the girl doesn't really seem to be bothered that much. She talks quite nasty too sometimes, but not as bad as the guys.
I don't know what to do. I know there is a solution for this. I don't feel competent enough to speak with them in an assertive way. I'm afraid I'm either gonna be weak and they will make fun of me or I will start becoming aggresive.
I really wish they would respect the girl more at least. I don't understand why they think it's funny to treat her like this. And I don't understand why she isn't bothered. What's wrong with this world? And it's not only that but because of their behaviour my mood changes, I feel bad and I don't work as good as I should.
I'm thinking to make a complain to the manager or to the big boss to tell them what's going on.