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Bulimia supporting bulimia

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May 8, 2021
My question is how do I support my girlfriend. But it's a bit complicated.
Im a male in my early 30's. I used to strictly binge eat, like for over a decade. Last year I put on a lot of weight and started severely restricting, eventually purging occasionally as well. I'm still focused on my weight and tempted to purge weekly. But I maintain a healthy weight and feel like I've largely recovered. I met my girlfriend months ago and early on we bonded because she was able to have an honest and non-judgmental conversation with me about her eating disorder.
She restricts to one meal a day and snacks a little at night. With one or two binge days a week. She started over a year ago after putting on some weight and being told off for it.
So at this point she makes sure every day that I've eaten enough, which I adore because I know she cares. But I wonder if it is harming her in some way. When she tells me she thinks she has gained weight sometimes I tell her I don't see it but mostly I tell her I love her and that I think she's beautiful. I listen to her tell me what she's eaten and encourage her when she's eating healthily.
Should I let her continue focusing on my food or is it harming her? Am I doing okay in what I tell her? I just want to be as supportive as possible. Please help

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