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The Oasis Partnership

George Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2RZ

Tel 01494-898480

Unity House
98 Walton Street
HP21 7QP

Tel 01296-338008

[email protected]

Oasis stands for ‘Open Access Social Inclusion Support’, which is exactly what we provide to people experiencing drug or alcohol problems, across Buckinghamshire.

We offer a range of recovery focussed support services to anyone whose life is affected by their own or someone else’s drug or alcohol use. We are a local charity that has been providing services in Buckinghamshire for over 25 years offering a wide range of structured therapeutic interventions and semi-structured support for both drug and alcohol users. We provide these from two main bases in Wycombe and Aylesbury, with satellite provision across the County.

The assessment process involves 3 stages, the final one of which is completed with you at Oasis. This stage involves completing a care plan where you identify what support you need and in what format, you will be able to choose from a range of different options. Your care plan will be reviewed with you at regular intervals as you change and move forward in your recovery. The care plan will identify what other support you may need, and Oasis can help you to access this support.

Following assessment, as part of your care plan you will be referred to services aimed at supporting you to address your drug problems. This will include key working, therapeutic interventions and group work opportunities. Individual appointments will initially be provided on a weekly basis at a time that suits you.




The Old Allotment Site
c/o World's End Garden Centre
Aylesbury Rd.
HP22 6BD

[email protected]
020 8144 4291

Lindengate is a charity located in Wendover, Bucks which aims to provide support to those dealing with mental health issues through nature and horticulture.

Lindengate can help to improve your mental health by providing gardening activities in a tranquil and rural setting. If you’re finding it difficult to cope, we offer a welcoming environment where you can regain your mental strength and start to flourish.

You will never be judged. Many of us have experienced mental health issues and believe that you can start your journey to recovery through gardening.

At Lindengate there are many ways you can enjoy activities such as:
  • Working with nature
  • Planting and nurturing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers
  • Developing wildlife-friendly area and activities
  • Learning a range of techniques to grow different plants
  • Taking part in planning and production
  • Meeting others in similar situations.

At Lindengate you can:
  • Leave your diagnosis at the gate
  • Work with people who have experienced and overcome mental illness
  • Be part of a supportive community
  • Begin to find happiness and fulfilment

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