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Bradford District Health Trust - Adult Mental Health Services

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Adult Mental Health

Adult Mental Health provides a comprehensive range of services that aim to support the individual based on their mental health needs at any particular time. Service delivery ranges from 24 hour medical and registered nursing care within in-patient units through to working in the community.
Community Teams

Community Mental Health Teams

The Trust has five Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) - three based in Bradford, one in Airedale and one covering Craven. These provide care coordination and multi-disciplinary care in service users' homes, in general practice settings and in community bases. Generally, service users will haev been referred through their GP. The team reviews and monitors clients, referring back to their GP when appropriate.
Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams

The Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment teams provide 24 hour care every day of the year for people in mental health crisis in their own homes. They Offer prompt and effective home treatment, including medication, to prevent hospital admission and support early discharge.
There is one team for Braford South and West and City andone team for Bradford North and Airedale. There are two Accident and Emergency liaison services, providing a link to acute hospitals, as well as self-harm assessments.
Assertive Outreach Teams

The Assertive Outreach Teams provide support to people who find it dificult to engage with other mental health services, minimising breakdown which might otherwise require admission to hospital. There is a team in Bradford and one in Airedale. This service is provided in Craven through the CMHT.
Early Intervention Service

This service is a 'virtual team', operating across the CMHTs and primary care. The service provides assessment and care for people experiencing a first onset of psychosis, usually under the age of 35. The service focuses on optimising control of psychotic symptoms and providing psychological and family interventions.

In-Patient Teams

Lynfield Mount Hospital

Lynfield Mount Hospital provides 24 hour in-patient nursing care and continuous assessment of the mental health state of service users.These clients are seen in the Adult Acute Admission Unit, which comprise of four, twenty-one bedded wards on the Lynfield Mount Hospital site.
The service takes from the postal districts of the Bradford Metropolitan Council, not including Keighley and Bingley. Referrals come from Primary Care sources such as General Practitioners, the Accident and Emergency Department and from consultants following visits to people's homes. There is also a small group of patients who are known to the service and who, as part of their discharge Care Plan, may self-refer for assessment and in some cases for admission.
Each ward has a staff compliment of 27 WTE staff, who aim to provide a balanced rota providing a range of staff throughout a 24 hour period. The wards are:

  • Ashbrook 21 bedded female only ward serving the City and North localities, with two alcohol detox beds
  • Birchwell 21 bedded female only ward serving the South and West localities. Birchwell also serves the Adult Rehabilitation Unit
  • Oakburn 21 bedded male only ward serving the City and North localities, with three alcohol detox beds
  • Maplebeck 21 bedded male only ward serving the South and West localities and the Adult Rehabilitation Unit
Airedale General Hospital

The services provided at Airedale Hospital have largely been moved from the Hospital to a new, purpose built facility on the same site.
Rehabilitation Services


  • Ward Two, Daisy Bank - 18 bedded in-patient rehabilitation unit
  • Heaton House day services
  • Community Rehabilitation and Support Team (CRST), based at Daisy Bank, provides treatment and care in the community

  • Moor Lane Rehabilitation Unit
  • CRST based at Merriden House
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