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BPD - Therapy & making new friends



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Mar 22, 2015
I was diagnosed with having BPD late last year & it was a huge relief that there were reasons for my behaviour. I am currently waiting to start a course in MBT & was wondering if anyone has any advice on the course. Also did you find it helped you cope/manage every day life easier. I have had a very tough childhood & adulthood with years of mental abuse. I was mentally abused by my ex partner for 15 years & it has really effected me in how I live on a daily basis. I find it very hard to make new friends & I don't want this to effect my life anymore. Has anyone else had problems in forming new friendships? If anyone has any advice that may help, I would be very interested to hear from you.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I haven't had any experience of MBT at all, so I can't really help you with that one.

I have attended a group course before though. The one I went to was CBT and it was focused on improving self-esteem. Looking back, I found it really helpful.
Because it was a course rather than a therapy group, there was no pressure to open up in front of anybody. It was generally very supportive because everyone there was in the same boat. And actually, besides the course itself, I found the fact that I attended every session without giving up a big achievement in itself.

I'm sorry to hear of the struggles you've had with abuse in the past. That can really make it difficult to trust - not putting words in your mouth, just speaking from my own experience really.
Have you had counselling or any opportunity to talk about that at all? If you haven't, is it something you'd want?

I've had counselling since last August (it's a private low-cost one i'm paying for - the NHS usually limit the amount of sessions a person can have).
Anyway, it's helped me to talk to someone about some of the stuff that's happened to me in the past.
I don't know about you, but I carry a lot of painful memories with me and fear opening up to people about it in case it's inappropriate or I scare them off. At least in a supportive environment like counselling, I know it's safe to say what I need to.

I completely relate to finding it hard to make new friends. Unfortunately, that's not something i've really cracked either.
I have gone out to different classes and made acquaintances, though nothing's really developed into a friendship.
Nonetheless, sometimes it's nice to get out for an afternoon to my pottery class and just be in company - it helps me to takes my mind off of things and not feel so alone.


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Mar 20, 2015
I've been diagnose and treated for BPD. Friendships remain surfacey, I don't allow anyone to get close as I don't want to experience the abandonment anxiety one bit.


Mar 26, 2015
I have been diagnosed and my life has been endless friendships ending. The ones with males seem to survive my bad days or my angry days but the female ones leave me confused hurt and then I destroy them… it leaves me lonely and I wonder will anyone want to be a friend or love me again.