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BPD going through pychotic episodes



Feb 11, 2019
Hello everyone. I hope you are doing fine today.

I was diagnosed BPD a couple of months ago, after going back and forth with anxiety, depression, obsessive and self harming tendencies... Once I got diagnosed, and excited to start with a new treatment, I finally felt a bit more calm. At least I new what was happening to me.

Now, the nightmare starts again and things get serious. I´ve been dealing with psychotic episodes for weeks now, and I just realized a couple of days ago, while I was talking to my therapist. I'm very, very scared, and I'd like to know if this is normal, and it's just something common in BPD or temporary due to stress at work or in general, or If this could be the start of something else.

My therapist didn't want to go deeper, because he knew It would cause me a lot of anxiety, and told me to research if there's any kind of path in my family dealing with mental health issues.

It would be great to hear your experiences, thank you so much in advance.
And sorry for the terrible english.


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
Hey Hang in there. This is all new to you. Keep going to your therapist all will be good if you are willing to accept what is going on with you.