BPD & dependant disorder..can anyone explain please


Joe clay

Aug 7, 2014
Hi there, for over a year now i have been suffering badly, i have always had severe depression & anxiety for i think over 30yrs (because of childhood) i'm now 50yrs old, anyway i have been diagnosed by the psychiatrist & spychotherapist with BPD & dependant disorder, i'm taking mirtazapine and quetiapine and i have got to have 18 months of MBT therapy twice a week, i also had to go to an organisation called 'das cas' and they helped me fill out a pip form as they say that i'm classed as disabled and i have also be advised to get a freedom pass (free buses and train travel) ... But is this correct as i don't see myself as disabled as i can walk and talk but i just have probs from day to day because of how i might be feeling from one day to the next....can someone please explain all this to me as its all really confusing plus i already feel like scum thanks to this gov and media regarding me not being able to work :-(
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
Hi Joe,

It sounds as though you've had a really rough time with things for a long time but it's good that you are getting help. Hopefully the combination of meds and the MBT will work well and help you to lead a happier place.

I don't think that anyone likes to think of themselves as disabled but I think that anybody who has problems which impact on their lives and hinder day-to-day functioning, whether they are due to physical or mental impairments, could be classed as disabled.

The government and media have a lot to answer for :nod2:

I wish you well.

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