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BPD, AvPD, Social Phobia or Autism?



New member
Mar 18, 2017
I'm not sure which forum to put this in. I hope it's okay here.

I currently have diagnoses of schizoaffective disorder and BPD/EUPD. I have never been convinced by the BPD diagnosis as, when I read the criteria for diagnosing it, I only find one of them in myself (repeated self harm). I have read a number of books and websites and tried to understand this disorder but I've never come across anything that I thought described the way I feel or think. When I self harm it is down to low mood, usually caused by loneliness or frustration at myself.

I have always felt that my social difficulties were the root of all my other problems but psychiatrists never listen and all through school I was just told I was a bit shy but that I'd grow out of it. I never have. I had group therapy for personality disorders at one point but that was a waste of time as I found it almost impossible to interact with the other people there. I also found that I rarely identified with what they were saying in group therapy sessions.

While visiting my parents last week I picked up a book that my mother had on a shelf on Autistic Spectrum Disorders. My brother was diagnosed with this about ten years ago. What interested me in the book was a section on how ASD manifests in women. I found that it described the exact way I feel. All the difficulties I have in interacting with other people were there as were my sensory sensitivities and my liking for routines. There was even a section on sexuality and gender identity which, although I've always struggled with them, I had never related to my social difficulties. Finally, I seemed to have found an answer to what I'd been going through all these years.

I am a bit unclear on what to do now though. I am also unclear on how ASDs differ from personality disorders and anxiety disorders. Is it worth asking my GP or psychiatrist for a referral for a diagnosis? Does such a service for adult women even exist? (I am currently living in Kent but am in the process of moving to the Scottish Highlands). Is it worth getting a diagnosis? Would it make any difference? Does anyone have any experience with this? I would be very grateful for any advice.


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Forum Safety Team
Oct 11, 2014
Some places have diagnostic service for adult Asperger's/ HFA, it depends what area you are in so I would look it up first.
In my area their is no after diagnosis support but you will be able to ask for reasonable adjustments, say for your sensory sensitivities if you get a job, so that is a benefit of being diagnosed.
Also their may be support groups/ help available from charities in your area.
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