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Well,an interesting read. I have been dx with BPD for the past three years.
I have suffered with whatever the powers that be call it for many many years, coupled with bouts of severe recurring anxiety and depression.
Personally, I was devastated when I was told that I had a Personality Disorder, I still find it difficult to accept now.
A discussion over the term of the symptoms, which can, at times be very intense and disabling, is all well and good, but at the end of the day, people like me are suffering day in,day out with a collection of crippling problems which can leave your life in tatters.
I have been on a combination of medication which is not satisfactory and frequent 'talking therapy', for the three years following dx, but I am no better now than I was ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Of course then an illness named BPD had not been recognised and interestingly I had a dx of Bipolar 2/cyclothimia and acute anxiety.
Whatever they choose to call it and whatever class they wish to put it in, all I know is that 'IT' has ruined my life and lost me my job.