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BPD and severe depression, but still a person.



New member
May 14, 2010
Hi everyone. I am new here, so will introduce myself.
I am 26 and have been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder and severe depression. I have been off work for 15 months now, and cannot leave my house alone due to extreme anxiety and paranoia. I am desperate to get my life back, and wish I had a job and a routine. I am struggling with the benefit system and have come up against some blatant discrimination. I just didnt think things like that happened anymore :unsure:
I am studying for a Bsc degree in psychology. I love it and really hope I will complete it, but the old concerntration plays me up quite alot.
I have a boyfriend, we have been together 9 years, but now live apart due to my illness and other crappy life factors! I have a cat called Monty, he is just as crazy as I am. I got him when I was first diagnosed, and he has been the best companion anyone could ask for.
I find that having a sense of humour is a great way to deal with my illness, and try as often as I can to laugh. :D (not easy on those black days).
So, in a nutshell, thats me.


Sep 22, 2008
Welcome to the forum squeezy.I hope you can find support here.
I'm interested to know about the problems you have encountered with the benefits system since I have also had problems.If you feel up to it then maybe you could start a new thread on the subject.
Anyway just wanted to say hi,maybe see you on the forums..
Lion Heart

Lion Heart

Well-known member
Jul 24, 2009
Welcome to the forum Squeezyweezy1



Well-known member
Apr 23, 2010
goodness knows!
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

I hope you find it helpful to you.



Well-known member
Apr 28, 2010
Hello and welcome.Hope you get some help here.

mixed up me

New member
May 20, 2010
Hello there

Hi there I am Lucy 46 and live in cov. I have borderline and anti social personality disorder amongst other things lol. I really identify with what you said about your cat. I have an absolutely gorgeous male lurcher called Philo and he truly is an amazing dog and has helped me more than words can say. If it wasn't for him I would not be here. I find it very hard to have close relationships with people and he has been my life line really. Anyway I am new and only joined the site a couple of days ago.
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