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BPD and making friends



New member
Jan 4, 2019
Hey I'm Kyler. I have BPD was diagnosed when I was 18. I take 5 tabelts a day to function, I depend on these tablets, if I miss them I am so I'll and cannot wake up for ages, cold sweats in bed it's horrible.
My mental health has been really bad for about a year now. when I got signed off from work I was the worst I've ever been, I would get myself into stupid situations, hang out with people that I thought were good for me..turns out they were not worth it. Now I have one proper good friend and she's off at uni 3 hours away. So I only have my boyfriend, who's amazing. But how does someone without crippling anxiety, mood swings and a tendacy to be rather eccentric make friends with nice people.


Well-known member
Staff Member on Leave
Nov 6, 2016
Hi Kyler

:welcome: to the forum!

I also have BPD and anxiey and live on a constant emotional rollercoaster which I can't EVER get off.

There is nothing still.....

Nothing consistent......

Nothing I can do.....

I'm 3.5yrs in therapy and with a psychiatrist and recently had a psychiatric nurse added to my team. I'm trying hard but change is so incredibly difficult...

When it comes to friends..... I have no advice at all.. Never really had any and short term people were simply that.. short term. I cannot function with people at all....

I hope someone else has more positive and uplifting advice.....I just wanted to say hi :)