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Boyfriend with schizophrenia and bi-polar broke up with me



New member
Apr 2, 2019
So we had been together for a five months which I know is not long at all. The first few months were very intense, we fell into this indescribable love. We both have mental health issues where I suffer from depression and anxiety, whereas he suffers from schizophrenia and bi-polar. Everything was great and we were able to help each other with a lot of our issues and both agreed that it’s the happiest we’ve ever been in a long time. One day his head just switched completely where he woke up and was completely emotionless. This lasted for 2/3 weeks and as someone who needs reassurance this wasn’t good for my health, leading to panic attacks mainly because of how he was treating me. He became distant and cold and emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. This kind loving sensitive person changed into someone I didn’t recognise. He told he this happens sometimes and he didn’t know how long he was going to be in this ‘phase’ for. He explained (at first) that it’s not my fault and it’s his heads fault and he broke up with me. I tried my hardest to keep him as I knew we helped each other in a lot of ways but he refused my help. A week passed since the breakup and I got a lot of messages from him saying he never actually loved me, he wasn’t himself when things were really good between us and none of it was real. I don’t understand much about his mental health issues which is why I’m on here to look for guidance. I’m going to let him do what he needs but I’m wondering if this is something that normally happens? Or is it possible that he genuinely did not mean anything he said to begin with and I was just naive to believe it.