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Boyfriend struggling during lockdown



New member
May 8, 2020
So about 2/3 weeks ago my boyfriend of 2 years started saying that he didn’t feel like himself and not happy anymore and had no idea why, just told me it was nothing to do with me. He asked for space, which I admit I really struggled with and the silence it bought killed me.
Yesterday I received a text message saying that ‘ he cannot carry on with us as he isn’t in the right headspace at the moment, nothing I’ve done. Just doesn’t want to worry about others Andy drag them down with him’.
I rang him because I didn’t feel like the text was fair on me. Spoke for about an hour. Learn that his mum had tried speaking to him and he snapped, which isn’t him at all. He doesn’t enjoy anything he used to. He’s fed up feeling this way and doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.
I mentioned that GPs are there to speak to not just to give you medication, but whether this went in one ear Andy straight out the other.
He said it’s not fair on me waiting around for him. Which I understand, but he’s my best friend and my world.
Lockdown has stopped his work, can’t see me or friends, plus we had two holidays booked this month that had to be cancelled. Has it all got too much?

I know he’s asked for proper space and I have to give him that. My stuff is currently stuck at his due to lockdown so has to be collected somewhen but he said ‘Don’t rush’.

Is there a way I can help him from a distance?


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this with your boyfriend right now. It sounds like he is in a particularly deep depression and having difficulty coping with the situation as it is.
I don’t see where there is much you can do for him since he has asked to be left alone. I would just let him know that you miss him, you very much wish to be together and feel that you could help him by being there to talk or just listen. If he does not think this would be helpful and really does just wish to be left alone I’m afraid that is what you must do. If this is the case let him know how much you miss him and hope you will be able to stay friends on the other side.
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