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Boyfriend just diagnosed and in prison



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Jun 20, 2009
on the edge of nowhere

My boyfriend's just been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Sadly he's in prison at the moment as his delusions caused him to break the law. He's not convicted, he is on remand, and I am struggling to get him out on bail as he has a habit of skipping bail (due to his mental health, which he's only just realised is an issue).

Clearly, prison really isn't great for him. Yes, they have assessed him and put him on Olanzapine, which is good news, but I desperately want to get him out on bail.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences similar to this, with mental health and the judicial system?

Also, does anyone have any general advice for the partner of a newly-diagnosed schizophrenic who's been living in a delusion for years? Any do's/don'ts? I'm writing to him every day and visiting as much as I can and pretty much treating him as normal.

We are mid-late 20's in age, and I have depressive disorder (don't we make a lovely couple?! haha) which is mostly under control (but this situation is not ideal!!)




Jun 7, 2009
just encourgae him and be there for him and treat him like you normally would he hasnt changed hes just had a diagnosis. good luck diddy


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Jul 30, 2008
hi little miss. im not sure how old this thread is but i dont think you have anychance of getting him bail unless you can speak to his doctor who in turn can speak to the pf. with regards to the charges if its proven he was ill (insane) the charges will be dropped

as for what to do and not today, becareful not to agree with him when he says something you believe to be delusional this has happened to me and it intensifies the delusions


Sep 22, 2008
All I'm saying is that prisons are full of people with mental health issues.They even have hospitals.
I was in prison 1994-1996.I also have schizophrenia.
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