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Boyfriend is severely depressed



New member
Nov 16, 2014
I really really need some help and advice. i have been with my boyfriend for over two years (we both just turned 18), we haven't always had the best relationship but we are so happy together. but for months he has not been the same. he has taken a lot of drugs in his life and smokes weed daily :)() but i don't know if this has an affect on his behavior. when im with him he seems fine but when were apart he is so so sad and blames himself for every bad thing thats ever happened to us. i received some bad news recently and he thinks its his fault and says hes a 'plague' and 'poison' to everyone around him. He says he is failing sixth form and is a disappointment to his parents and they hate him because of it. Recently he had knee surgery and was very down about that, i thought he got to grips with it but he is not okay and i dont know what to do its so hard watching him like this but i know its nowhere near as bad as he is feeling. He recently told me that before we got together he was close to killing himself everyday and he now wishes he had the guts to do it and end it all. he is very stubborn and would never accept help i know he wouldnt im scared and dont know what to do :( if anyone has any suggestions or advice it would really be appreciated. thank you x


New member
Nov 16, 2014
Hi thank you for replying, he has given up all drugs apart from weed, he has tried to give up countless times and i have helped him as much as possible, we've deleted all dealers in his phone, he stopped hanging out with people that smoke it but it hasnt stopped him. i think he sees the drug as a release from things and im scared if i take that away make him give it up he will get worse as he wont have anything to turn to when he is angry or upset. but i do agree it isnt helping him in the long run :(


Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
It's very difficult to stop, i smoked it very heavily for 17 years. i've been off it all for 13 years.

Weed is a powerful drug, but we're all individual & effected in different ways.

It can be very hard to tell what the actual difficulties are while someone is taking drugs - it takes years from stopping drugs to properly clear & for the body/brain to properly balance out. Mental health difficulties can often coexist with drug problems, but also a lot of people's difficulties can clear when they stop drugs.

Very hard to deal with other people's drug taking, because you can't force them to stop.

The medical route also generally involves psychiatric medications & not a lot else.

Hope things can resolve better soon. A lot of people do 'grow out' of teenage/younger difficult times, or at least time/age can improve certain things.


New member
Nov 16, 2014
Yeah i agree, its very hard to know how he is truly feeling as its being constantly covered up with the weed, im just hoping one day hes going to see that its not helping. thank you
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