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Aug 8, 2008
I am hoping that I can get some advice please.

I know I sometimes have problems with boundaries, but I am working on it. My main problem is understanding when I am overstepping.

I live with my xbf who is my best friend and his girlfriend. He is also my carer. They have been away for a couple of days and are due back today. I text this morning to find out roughly what time they are coming back but didn't get a reply, but the signal is patchy where they are.

I just started to write another text and thought about calling. BUT it has just occured to me that from their point of view I might have no right to know when they will be back.

Is it reasonable for me to want to know or is this one of the times i need to step back?


New member
Nov 16, 2009
Wanting to know when a friend gets back is reasonable, but being his ex... that does make for an awkward situation. I think if you texted him in the morning and he didn't get back with you, a call later in the evening to make sure they are ok is fine.