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Bored yet restless



Jul 7, 2017
Does anybody identify?

I take Abilify. It's allowed me to be stable and I am pleased. I accept the lack of highs which I miss (those days when everything seemed laced in gold). Importantly, I have no more lows (those days when I saw the end of a line) which feels wonderful but I am so restless. I am so bored! I was never so bored before. I just go from place to place so I'm really restless and can't settle. I can't find anything to do.
Is this because I am stable? Is this what stability looks like? I don't get much done. I find the thought of doing anything I am supposed to be doing absolutely impossible and yet I'm restless and exhausted all at once. This feels like a very very toned down mixed episode. It's just very "non" yet speedy...restless...
If this is stability is this what other people feel? It's so dull! I feel safe and happy to be stable but I also feel flat.


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Jan 6, 2020
Something similar is happening to me. But i just had paranoid thoughts. I am taking ariprizole and haldol. It is possible that ariprizole is doing things just like you. Everything is boring. I don't like to live. There are no more paranoid thoughts from Haldol. But I am very unhappy. I injured myself a while ago. I hits his head very hard. I have no control over the pain I feel anymore.