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Borderline & Antisocial Personality Disorder



New member
Sep 27, 2016
Nottingham, England, UK
Why do the medical professionals in most of the UK's psychiatric teams have a really bad view and perception of people with borderline PD?


Well-known member
Jul 25, 2016
Why do the medical professionals in most of the UK's psychiatric teams have a really bad view and perception of people with borderline PD?
I see it from both sides or try to.... I think many in psychiatry look down on BPD, because it's difficult to treat using their drugs. Iam being cynical perhaps but I do think some of it comes down to that. I think they would rather deal with other mental health problems where the answer is medication. To properly treat BPD it's very resource intensive. I read a comment online that made some sense to me as well, that those with BPD perhaps reflect trauma they had in their own childhoods/ past and perhaps some of the emotions those with BPD experience hit close to home with those treating them.... An amusing comment I read also by a psychiatrist was that nurses are by their nature attention seekers also, and those with BPD compete for that attention!

On the other hand seeing it from their eyes and playing devils advocate, I think suicidality which occurs in some with BPD can be extremely difficult to deal with and manage, I think some of those staff try and maintain distance from the patient not just because it is thought those with BPD become attached but also staff are human to and they maybe don't want to get too close in case something happens to their patient.

I myself was abused as a child, I think some of those with BPD, perhaps many I don't know have had extremely traumatic things happen to them, perhaps those staff just find it hard to listen to and deal with ,so instead distance themselves. I am not condoning it, I am just try to see it from their point of view.

Finally playing even more devils advocate, I have BPD and I know in my saner moments I can make incorrect judgements about the motivations of people, especially those caring for me. Iam naturally suspicious of anyone and I do wonder if others as well, feel they are being treated worse by staff,but in fact are not in some cases. I also say that because I know some people who have schizophrenia as a diagnosis /bi polar disorder and their own care is rather shabby as well I just think you get crap staff, you get lack of resources and it's easy as someone who was treated horrendously in their past to think it's about them. When I had a schizophrenia diagnosis some years ago,I saw a horrendous CPN at XMAS while mine was away, she basically asked me if I wanted to harm myself or anyone else,I said no and she wrote something down and sent me on my way. No human emotions at all, did not even make eye contact with me.

Don't get me wrong I had a horrendous experience in an A and E recently, the staff there treated me terribly and I think it was about my diagnosis, the unfortunate consquense of that is, I now view all staff with suspicion . A good example was I had to see my GP recently and I was dreading it, thinking she had read that I had BPD and would now treat me like those A and E staff did. She was so lovely I burst into tears,when she held my hand. She knew about the diagnosis, and if anything she was more caring than usual.