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Body Image



Well-known member
Mar 26, 2016
North Carolina
Often I'll compare myself to skinny women I see and actresses. I think I wish I could look like them. I admire how clothes look on them.

I have water weight and fat is stubborn thanks to medication.

My husband tells me I'm lovely every day, so sometimes I wonder if I worry too much about it. I think wanting to be healthy and wanting to be skinny are different things.

Am I missing out on confidence because I'm not as skinny as I'd like to be? Has anyone overcome body image issues like this?


What's strange was that I was just watching videos about women accepting who they are. I think it's important for everyone, man or woman, to learn how to accept themselves. But the journey is hard. Especially since everyday we see things on 'how to get thinner' 'get more muscles' 'remove hair' do this. Do that. Etc.

What I figured out is that this 'perfect person' that society constantly wants us to be changes over time anyway. Because styles change. But something else I found out is that this 'perfect person' doesn't even exist. You can change the way you look as much as you want. There will always be someone saying something negative. So in the end, I thought "What's the point?"

My advice is to find people who share problems like you and who have learned to accept themselves. Like with me, I deal with something called hirsutism. This has been a huge problem for me in life. Now that I'm running into other women online who go through the same problems, I feel less alone. And when I look at myself, I see myself. Not a mistake. Not something that needs to be fixed. But I'm still very insecure. Guess this all just takes time.

I always say it's possible to recover, even if it feels like it'll take forever. So take care of yourself. Good luck with everything.


I compare myself to men and stronger women. I want a stronger body! I don't like being weak and frail looking, like I'm breakable! I never compared myself to skinny women. I have compared myself to the Worlds Strongest Women before like Jill Mills and Becca Swanson etc... I have even considered steroids with my work out program to get bigger and stronger! NO one could abuse or take advantage of me if I was strong and knew how to defend myself! I hate being a scrawny wuss. A bigger stronger man or woman could break my tiny wrists with their two fingers!!! :stomp: I'm sorry you suffer body image problems. :hug: I wish we could all just be happy with ourselves! :cry2: But that is not possible. We humans are ever evolving perfectionists to a fault!