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Body image and Anorexia with my running



New member
Jul 25, 2020
St. Petersburg Florida
Hi everyone,

I have been in recovery now since early march. Ive been a runner my whole life but had to stop running as much as I used to. Im going to college to run in the fall so I have been following a training program my college coach has sent me. My parents are forcing me to eat an amount of food that feels so insanely unnecessary to me but they won't let me run unless I eat it. I feel so sick and upset stomach constantly from it. I have thought about stopping eating completely so many times in the past 2 weeks that it scares me. Im scared that when I go to college and no longer have my parents I will relapse and go back to where I was. When I try to explain this to my parents they don't believe me and think that since im in recovery im "cured" and shouldn't feel this way anymore.


May 25, 2020
Hello Jman. Welcome to the forum. I am very sorry to hear what you have been dealing with. It is wonderful you have been in recovery since March. That is a long time and you should feel very proud. How sad your parents have little understanding of what it is like to have an eating disorder. With eating disorders there will be relapses. It is just the way it goes. Would it be possible to print of information for your parents to read to help them to understand? Are you able to go back to your recovery team and tell them you are having thoughts of not eating?

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