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Body clock needs resetting, any tips, advice please?



Well-known member
Sep 7, 2018
West Midlands
I have been kept awake at night by firstly a sore throat virus thing, then an acid reflux problem.

Now I am used to being awake all night (or the majority of the night) and sleeping in the day.

I need to get my body clock back to some sort of normality, I am not working at the moment so I am going to set my alarm for 8am in the morning and get up. I will just have to feel like a complete zombie for a bit. I have got up early this morning and managed to have 3 hours sleep in the day but that is all.

Apart from just being zombiefied, has anyone else any tips for re-setting the body clock?


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
We don’t give it a second thought to wash etc each day and it for the most part is not too much effort its auto pilot (except in severe depression)

sleep hygiene is very important and worth being disciplined with. going to bed and getting up at a set time. Definitely no tv or pc in the bedroom

going for walks of at least 30 mins each day preferably an hour. Reduce the tv and pc at least an hour before bedtime. The outdoors are excellent for resetting the body clock.

And if you cant get to sleep whilst trying to reset your body clock best to get up and make yourself a hot drink and avoid the tv/pc

If you must sleep in the day set the alarm for 45 mins or maybe 90 mins but not more than this and then get up. But try to manage without sleeping if you can but this is an effective way to wean yourself off. The more you sleep in the day the less you will sleep in the night.
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