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Birth defect called erb's palsy



Feb 24, 2015
I was born with a birth defect called erb's palsy.. the doctor pulled me out by my left arm causing me nerve damage my whole life for 35 years. my arm is a little underdeveloped and a little shorter and weaker than my other arm but I can still do things with it but not like my right arm and I can't turn my palm over and I can't live my arm fully over my head because of this birth defect I will never have a girlfriend or wife or kids because no woman will ever want a man with a birth defect..ever! people look at me like I'm a freak everybody makes me feel so bad about myself even tried committing suicide I hate life because of what the doctor did today when he delivered me I don't know how to cope with this after all these years the pain I have suffered and when I was a child no doctor wanted to operate on it and the doctor that delivered me couldn't be sued because he had so much backup protecting him so my whole life I have suffered I'm trying to lift weight to make it stronger but it's not working I'm just so tired being a loser because of bus my life ended before I was even born bothering me more and more everyday for the past 35 years.. so my question is what do I do in this situation?...


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2021
the underworld
ok, firstly you are NOT a loser. you are incredibly brave for reaching out. im certain you will find a woman who loves you for your personality, and a birth defect wont put women off, if it does then they are shallow and not worth it. i know it can be hard, but try to look on the brightside. just remember you are loved, and there are many women out there who will love you for who you are, not what people may see you as.

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