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Sometimes I see a bird fly across the kitchen or down the hall. At first v clearly, now more at edge of my field of vision, less clearly. I used to see/feel mice and I know where that came from, but the bird thing I don't understand at all. The first one was White but the rest were black, not sure whether this is significant, try not to think about it.

Have discussed the mice with t and think she agrees with my hypothesis. She says not to worry about it. They used to scare me, I even got ds up once at midnight and went to my mums. Havent mentioned the birds yet, not sure why. It's weird telling her this stuff. I guess I should.


I've not got anything useful to say I'm afraid. But I wanted to jump and squeak and add an "OMG me too".

It doesn't happen often but sometimes I see black birds flapping and flying past (inside the house) occasionally. Those don't freak me out too much. It's more of a looking up and "okay...well that was fooking weird..." and try to get back to what I was doing. But it can unsettle me quite a bit sometimes.

I often see spiders, on the floor or walls... I see them scurrying, then just as quickly they are gone, poof, disappear. I'm also frequently seen trying to swat or bat away flies that aren't there. (Oh such a stereotype, but it happens. A bit embarrassing when I realise what I have been doing and then an awkward pause when I try to restart conversation with my friend who's looking at me rather oddly!)

I have a thing with critters in general. I'm not sure but I seem to see animals in places and situations you wouldn't expect to find them... and it's hard to tell if they are real and just unusual, or if I am hallucinating them. I'm not sure how to weigh up all the relative probabilities and decide if it's real or not.
There was a thing with a squirrel where I used to live that no one else saw (a squirrel that climbed all over the roof and sat on window ledges....which seemed quite odd. But who knows, maybe there was a squirrel who climbed buildings instead of trees. And urban squirrel.)

At least the "birds flying in the house" is fairly self-evidently not real.

Oh rambling again. Sorry. But just to say, it isn't just you having those sorts of odd experiences!

Yeah, it can be hard to talk about these things to Ts and docs can't it? I always feel so acutely embarrassed and self-conscious because I realise how crazy and..stupid.. it sounds. I think it's a tricky position, experiencing these things and also having enough insight to realise it. You still experience it and then get all the cringe-inside awkwardness of explaining it whilst realising how mad it sounds to other people!

If your T was okay about the mice, I'm sure she wont be fazed by the birds.
Wishing you well in talking to her and working through all this stuff, Petalsoup.


Thanks for sharing your experience, your birds sound like mine lol. they aren't scary just odd, and like you sometimes I'll see something out of the corner of my eye and be irritated cos I can't tell if it's real or not. Nevermind.

I wonder if it would be easier to believe we're st Frances or something, with all these animals coming to visit! Probably not, that would make life harder. I wish I knew the why's though.