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New member
Oct 25, 2009
For almost ten years now i have been living a nightmare in regards to the way i feel. There are two main areas that i know are contributing to it - 1. i have no idea who i am or what i am and second that i think that i may be bipolar however i do not know if the two are separate or one is the cause of the other. i was wondering if there was anyone in a similar position? 2 months ago i plucked up the courage to go to the GP and i have been referred to the mental health unit at the local hospital. appointment is on nov 5th and i have no idea what to expect and have no idea how much i will actually be able to say. things are getting worse lately, i keep jumping like twitches especially at night when my head just becomes to full - as odd as that may sound.. i also go through stages of being very very down and then days when i am on top of the world... my weight also seems to get effected and it fluctuates by about a stone in a matter of weeks - its really difficult i am hoping the doctors can help as i have nowhere else to turn now really. its so hard and i cant see a future for myself the way it is carrying on.. i want to shut myself away and keep wanting to quit work, i have to really push myself to go out at weekends which i only do about once every six weeks now - does anyone have any advice on this?


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Oct 19, 2009
If you dont know how much you will be able to say you could start writing things down and show it to them when you go for your appointment if you feel its difficult to talk when you get there, that way they will get to know at least some of the stuff and be able to start helping you. Good luck with the appointment.


New member
Oct 25, 2009
what to expect

i have been referred to a cmht team - i have looked online and ive seen that you can be reffered to a number of levels of people within the team the dr i have been referred to deals with mentall illness in adults - i wonder if this has been requested or is just by chance? its just there is so much to talk about i just have no idea where to start - i am also worried about the implications - i know that there is something not right but at the same time i dont want to ruin my chance of a normal life - although at the same time i may not have a normal life if i do not go! its all building up to this appointment and i think a part of me is hoping he will wave a wand or tell me to take tablet and for it all to disappear but i know thats not the case. i have bottled things up for so many years that im worried opening up could cause me to get into a worse situtation than i am currently in!

what should i expect from this appointment?
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