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Apr 4, 2008
I have suffered from severe depression for over 3 years now and anxiety.
My GP thinks I am bipolar, the last psychiatrist I saw said I was not bipolar as such(what ever that means)
As far as I know I have not been manic or hypomanic and I am 49 years old! The anxiety can become obssessional and I suffer from suicidal ideation which resulted in actual attempts. I take lithium and escitalopram so as far as I can see am having very similiar treatment to bipolar patients and the lithium does seem to calm my mind to a certain extent.
I have one relative who is bipolar and one who possibly was so it is in the family.

What I want to know is has anyone else experienced this? ie severe depression and anxiety but no recollection of mania/hypo mania

Does anyone else know whether this could be part of a spectrum of bi polar disorder?
Am I just being neurotic?

Has anyone been diagnosed at a late age with bipolar without mania or very minimal manic episodes?

Any other comments?


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hi KP1

Well I have 3 major episodes of depression. with mild depression here and there.
I used to also have times, when i would say i found it hard to sleep but not only gettin 2 hours, more like slepping after 12 and waking at 6 that kind iof thing

couldnt relax and had lots and lots of thoughts. they said then i had anxiety and depression.

then last year i had my first (or so i think) hypomanic episode at the age of 33. i was suffering from hyperthroidism at the time, which can show syptoms like bipolar. so i dont know if it was a proper bipolar high or not.

is any of this making any sense??:p im such a waffler.

so at this age i still dont really know. i would say that the hypomanic that i was in hospital with was like nothing id experienced before. like i actually thought i could fly, was willing to jump out the window to prove it. and all other stuff that you def would not normally think

has that helped at all, [prob not hee hee. sorry. xxx


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Apr 4, 2008
Thanks that was really useful. I'm so confused with all of this.
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