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Bipolar vs personality disorder



Jan 8, 2020
South Africa
I am from Cape Town, South Africa. 44 years of age and unemployed. At age 25 I had my first psychosis. It was quite manic with racing thoughts and voices. I was diagnosed as schizo affective At age 32, I had my second psychosis. This time with lots of paranoia and I OD'd after having feelings of resentment due to my baby brother's death. October of 2019, I had another psychosis. No racing thoughts. No mania but more like I was under some form of control due to my wants and needs(hallucinations)and carried out actions accordingly.Most of these actions had a positive impact on me ie:the voices I heard told me to stop smoking, eat healthier and exercise. All 3 of which I did. Also, for all 3 psychotic episodes I've bee in hospitalised So it has been 3 months now. From being diagnosed as bipolar, can a psychosis change brain chemistry so much that you have a personality disorder with mixed emotions or have I bee mm misdiagnosed? I opted to see an alternative doctor after 19 years as I was still not doing too well. I am eating Epilim Cr 5oo x2 daily; Rislerdal 4mg at night and 1 mg during the day. Just a low mood now and then but my new dic wants chemistry to and nature to play her part first. Thabk you for reading. Hope you can assist by answering


Well-known member
Jan 14, 2020
Hello Sparticus, Thank you for your frank and honest account of how life's been recently, I feel sorry for you ( this is not a palm off) so excuse my amateurish attempts (as in truth I am just a T.I though feel at lest to say at least something) I hope you get more on the ball support from other members of this forum, you have been through some really tough times, if nothing else please pat yourself on the back as you have survived the worst and still put up a fight.
In my opinion, you're only affected by your life experiences, this has zero to do with your biological Brain only life events. Maybe you could find a good talk therapist and over the next few months ween, yourself off the harmful meds as long term it won't benefit you. Also, time does aim in your recovery, though it's a long process in which you will put pieces together and understand what's occurred and how you've emotionally dealt with it.

I hope you get some better advice from another member. Though I do greatly feel you.