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BiPolar Relationship Help. Please.



New member
Oct 27, 2018
I've been with my partner now for about 8 months, she is diagnosed with type 1 Bi-Polar and is really struggling with it.
I am currently serving in the Royal Navy and spend as you would imagine quite a lot of time away only seeing her on weekends as we live in different places.

I love her completely. But the relationship is very hard for the both of us. She is in a city she has recently just moved to with no friends and her family now have moved to Belgium.
She is for all intensive purpose alone when I am not there. So she really struggles to motivate herself and do very simple things.

When I am away as I am this second as I write this, she is going through what has got to be the worst depression period since I've know her. I am practically useless away but can't help but feel horrible with the dark messages I receive about what is going through her mind. I'm unable to communicate her with advice as she can't listen in her mind frame. So we are trapped in the balance were I work a lot of the day and my time off as limited as it is, then spent dealing with the problems of the day her end, I in turn don't spend time for myself.

I am aware I sound like the worst person in a mental health forum. I just would like advice or help in what to do or how to make things better for her? It is dark days indeed, I would just ask for some help please.

Many Thanks


Sep 22, 2008
You sound like a very decent person to me. Must be very hard for you.
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