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Bipolar relapse



Nov 8, 2009
my stress is very bad at moment and iratated dont want see anyone feel depressed and get very paraniod and very anxious are these symptoms of a relapse?:scared:

mad as a hatter

Well-known member
Jul 23, 2008
They might be but i think the best thing is 2 go c ur gp and tell them how ur feelin


I had been like that over last 3 weeks, and getting worse. I'm now unable (or won't??) go out of the house. My friend forced me to the GP's 2 days ago and I've been signed off (again). I spoke to psychiatrist over the phone, can you talk to your GP or someone if you have a support worker over the phone initially?
Its difficult to get an appointment unless its a real 'crisis' so I'm left finding myself feeling orse each day. They've upped my meds but I have to wait 2 more weeks to see the psychiatrist again


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Sep 24, 2009
portsmouth, uk
not always a relapse. you could be just having a bad day! once your labled with bipolar seems we are not allowed good or bad days without someone worrying!
im having a shit day, yet if i tell anyone they will cart me of to hospital!

keep an eye on your mood, if it lasts for a week or so then maybe speak to your doc.


I think you're right, its hard to tell if its just a crap few days or the condition.

I wonder what is my personality anymore sometimes, I used to be so bubbly but I know what will happen if I come off the meds.

Do you get involved in anything in Portsmouth then? Is there much support?
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