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Bipolar-No diagnosis, GP thinks i have it, several years ago psychiatrist very unhelpful.



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Jun 16, 2017
Bipolar-No diagnosis, GP thinks i have it, several years ago psychiatrist very unhelpful.

For at least 10 years i have been battling mental health, i went to the doctors about 8/9 years ago and doctor referred me to a psychiatrist as he suspected i had bipolar.
At the appointment the psychiatrist basically said i don't have bipolar as people with bipolar sell there houses and get in £1000's and £1000's debt. So i was basically fobbed off.
My metal heath has deteriorated since then and it is causing major problems with my marriage till the point that me and my wife don't even know if we can stay together.
I went to the doctors yesterday(it was a different doctor too 9 years ago) and he mentioned bipolar again and is referring me to a psychiatrist again. I am now worried that the psychiatrist will just not believe me and i won't receive the help i know i need!
My symptoms are basically hard for me to explain because i have lost my identity i don't know what is me anymore and what is mental health issues. Some days i am just hyper and i will sign up to collage courses and apply for jobs and do loads of house work and gardening and have so much energy, this can last for 1 day or a week then for a few hours or a day i will be on top of the world and plan for the future and think i can achieve anything and i will be hyper telling jokes and laughing and feel on top of the world, that what i drop off and hit rock bottom with depression. I don't want to talk to friends or family i get irritable, I don't want to do house work and just basically don't have the energy to do anything. this can last for a week or 2 then i will be "normal" for a while or what i think is normal i don't feel overly down but i do feel down and i don't feel overly happy but i do feel happy, life sort of feels Grey! after that i can rather drop down into bad depression again or i can go hyper and the cycle starts again. I also have conversations in my head and answer myself sometimes it is with my wife sometimes friends sometimes if i have a appointment it will be with the person i am going to see, it's almost as if the left side of my brain is talking to my right side. I spend money as if it is going out of fashion it has got to the point were my wife cant trust me to even have the bank card as i would go out for a pint of milk and spend £30 on scratch cards and drinks and anything really i just had to spend the money, i would go behind my wifes back and order things online just because i had an impulse to buy them. My wifes say i have become very self centred and only want to talk about me and my things and not bother with the family. I also have major obsessions and if i get something in my head i can't stop thinking about it until i get it if i don't have the money for it i will try to find the money, i have ran up £1000's of debt by getting mobile contracts for the phone sand not paying them and they were too much for our budget and catalogue debts i have got the point were my credit is so bad i can't get credit for anything and have recently had a CCJ. I am a perfectionist i do alot of art and creative things but i never think they are good enough and always want them to be better and think they should be even though everyone else says how fantastic they are. Now i am waiting for the appointment with the psychiatrist it has sent me in a really big depression and i am petrified he will say i am fine and i won't get the help i desperately need, if i don't get the help soon i am going to lose everything including my wife and kids.


May 22, 2017
Hi there,

I'm in the EXACT same situation, except mines not been going on for 9 years (well, Not with the psychiatrist). 3/4 years ago, I got sent and my psychiatrist said the same thing and said I can't have BPD or BP because I don't burn stuff down and don't get involved with the police. I was pretty bummed. He stripped me of ALL diagnosis. I seemed normal for a bit then I went downhill, VERY. I ended up in hospital. Fast forward and I felt better then I got paranoia and intrusive thoughts. Went back, and sertraline has sent me mental. My moods are all over the place, I'm mainly manic. I have been referred back to the psychiatrist. Talking Therapies sent me back there so I'm waiting for an initial assessment (I've been hallucinating too) and then I'll see where I go from there. Have a doctor's appointment Thursday so hopefully I can sort something out there.

Please keep me updated. Your situation is so similar to my own. Good luck *hugs*
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Bellybeans and theJoker84, you guys could print out your posts on this Forum to show the doctors you will be going to. Seriously, the post would be very helpful for the doctors to see. You might not remember to say all of that.


May 22, 2017
Bellybeans and theJoker84, you guys could print out your posts on this Forum to show the doctors you will be going to. Seriously, the post would be very helpful for the doctors to see. You might not remember to say all of that.
Thank you. I have been writing down my experiences of my medication on a drafted email, so I can go remember what to say. I have to admit, I did do this last time and my psychiatrist made me feel stupid. He never read my records beforehand, so I have to tell the CPE team of my experiences last time to make sure it's not repeated.


Jun 26, 2017
I am sorry you are having these experiences and that your doctors are dismissive. It seems like the psychiatrist you went to is out of touch with the modern standards and criteria for diagnosis. Do psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in the UK use the DSM-5 as a standard for diagnosis of mental health conditions? I recommend finding another psychiatrist - but, I must admit that I do not know how difficult that is in the UK. I encourage you to seek further assistance. A proper diagnosis with proper treatment can make a tremendous difference.
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