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Bipolar meds



May 3, 2021
Bristol TN
I would assume you are on starting doses and I have taken seroquel and depakote together with no problems. and I have taken depakote and mirtazapine together with no problems. I would advise you to at least give them a try. It can be refined. Bipolar does require medication management, I am far more afraid of what happens to me on no meds. I will never ever do that again.


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Thanks. And what is it that works best for you medication-wise?

Okay. Is there anything you wanted to ask about them specifically or just seeing who else is on them?
Right now I’m on Lithium, Lamotrigine and Invega Sustenna. So far, so good. xo, j


Well-known member
Sep 14, 2020
My wife is currently on Depakote (1000mg). Seroquel (300mg), and Gabapentin (300mg). She has been on Depakote for the better part of two decades as her main mood stabilizer and guard against mania. The only side effect she has from that is we suspect it made her hair wavy and a little brittle. Seroquel she has typically taken in smaller doses for anxiety (50-100mg) but it was ramped to 300mg when she fell into a deep depressive episode. Seroquel typically makes her drowsy (the most common side effect) when she is near baseline, though when she was in the midst of her last depressive episode nothing helped her sleep. Also at higher doses (like her current dose), it gives her sugar cravings (the second most common side effect). The Gabapentin is relatively new as she has not taken it in the past. She was first prescribed it to help with her sleep and anxiety. Not sure how helpful it was to be honest and she will likely be weaned off that in the next few weeks since her mood has improved.


Well-known member
Apr 20, 2019
I have taken depakote and mirtazapine together with no problems.
See now that's something that, on paper at least, most of us would probably think wouldn't work (Depakote being more of an anti-manic and Mirtazapine being an antidepressant and all). It goes to show that we're very different in how we respond to things.
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