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Bipolar II- discrimination?



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Mar 19, 2015

First post here...

After about fifteen years of serious depression I was diagnosed with Bipolar II a few years ago.

I started a new job in November of last year. Before joining I declared to HR that I was considered to have a disability and also wrote this on the online Occupational Health survey they requested as part of the application.

In the first couple of months I repeatedly asked for feedback from the Occupational Health survey, hoping to use it to back-up some requests for minor adjustments. Answer came there none. Eventually I had to declare it to my manager who went and told HR.

Last month I was told that I had failed the criteria for my probation period and was given some strongly worded 'objectives'. These included stating I was to:

"...demonstrate a generally positive outlook."
"...be more positive with your communication."
"...do so in a... ...more positive manner."
Unless I had permission from my manager, participate in telephone conferences that are planned from 21:30 to 22:30 (I am knackered by then).​

HR weren't present at this meeting, and I was effectively railroaded into disclosing my diagnosis, at the same time re-iterating the need for an Occ Health report.

The Occ Health report was arranged for a few days later and outlines the effects of my diagnosis.

As they knew I had Bipolar II, aren't these objectives a bit much and potentially discriminatory?

Have the failed in their duty of care by not arranging the Occ Health review as soon as possible, not four months later?

I'd be interested in opinions as it sounds a bit iffy to me.



Jan 15, 2013
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

Have you got any evidence, like letters or records of phone calls to prove that you were trying to chase things up? That might help your case maybe.

If you declared everything though I can't see how they can do this to you.

That is just what I think though.