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Bipolar, BPD, what could it be?



Jan 9, 2017
I posted on another forum before noticing this one! Im hoping to get some help as to what i could be suffering with. I am a 28 yr old female, and I have had anxiety for some time now..well over 10 years. Back in highschool i went to a psychiatrist who, very quickly, asked me some questions and prescribed me Klonopin and another medication for depression. I honestly feel like I didnt have depression back then, as i was experiencing more anxiety than ever. I never took Klonopin and I started using breathing exercises which helped for a bit, but weren't very useful in the long-run. I get very agitated quickly, and I almost feel like an "itchy" feeling when i get to my "breaking" point before I yell and get very anxious. I went on Lexapro for about a year for my anxiety. I eventually cut down on lexapro because it wasn't doing anything for me anymore. I took a new genetics test which pinpoints the best medications for anxiety/depression and the result was a medication like lexapro, but, i felt otherwise. Some weeks I just want to stay inside and some weeks i can't wait to go out and shop, etc. I sometimes feel random bouts of happiness, or excited, which lasts maybe about a minute, then I feel "down" again. I have never felt unrealistic confidence in my abilities, which Ive read is a symptom of bipolar 1. In fact, Im really afraid of failure. I have changed my college major atleast 5 times, and when i think i just CANT do it, i back out. When I get angry, I don't think about consequences, I sort of "black out" and go into a fit of rage. I have been having a really hard time sleeping lately. I feel like my mind is always racing and I don't get a full nights rest. I am constantly worrying and thinking about something bad happening. I just found out about Cyclothymia and some of my symptoms fit it. I really don't know what I have but I just want to feel "normal" and I'm so ashamed and embarrassed to go to another psychiatrist. I have tried talking to my husband but he is not supportive or easy to speak to..
Rod Whiteley

Rod Whiteley

Well-known member
Feb 6, 2012
Gloucestershire, UK
It's not possible to diagnose anyone in an Internet forum, but it seems to me the simplest explanation is that you just have untreated anxiety. There are several other medications you could try, and psychotherapy also works well. The most usual form of psychotherapy for anxiety is cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT.

Many people who have seen a psychiatrist go to another one for a second opinion. It's so commonplace that no psychiatrist will think anything of it. You could also go directly to a CBT therapist for an assessment.

It might be that your husband also needs support. He might find counselling helpful, or you both might possibly consider couple counselling to help your relationship to adjust when you start to recover.