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Bipolar Bonjour



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Apr 6, 2020
I'm looking for online peer support and thought I'd introduce myself on here.

I am currently sectioned in the community after spending three months on a psych ward. I was initially being treated for schizophrenia as I was having an acute episode--paranoid delusions and religious ideations. I thought there was a big conspiracy to save me involving my whole town and the universe in general. I thought I was a minor deity and could talk to the major higher power. I was hearing voices. I was bonkers, basically. They started me on aripiprazole then moved me to quetiapine when I didn't improve. I became manic at that stage so the diagnosis is now Bipolar with psychosis. I'm now on risperidone and doing much better, though the voices haven't completely gone away. I'm finally able to accept I was hallucinating a lot of stuff, which makes a big difference to me personally.

Before this episode I mostly just had really bad anxiety. I was a romance novelist for a few years before the stress got the better of me, and would write a book in a month and then spend three months staring into space hating myself and my books before getting really productive and writing another one. It didn't occur to me I that I had bipolar as I'm a parent too and used to parenting through the depression elements. I just never thought I was this bad and put everything down to anxiety as that's what the psych team did the first time I crossed their path seven years ago. Since then I've had smaller episodes of psychosis when my stress levels were really high but not like this or with these themes. But I was really paranoid/anxious in general for about six months before I tipped over this time.

So, that's me. Last time I blurted all my problems out my psychiatrist told me I was grandiose so don't worry about going gentle with me haha.


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Dec 29, 2019

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