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Bipolar Blog



New member
Nov 16, 2009
Hi everyone,

My name is Adam...I am 20 years old. I was diagnosed with Bipolar at 13 years old. I made a blog about it from what I have learned in 7 years. If you need some advice, Please feel free to look at my blog. I am not a know it all. I just want to let everyone to know what they can do to help cope.


Adam C Licata

mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
hi adam

i,ve just read ur blog and it must been so hard having bipolor at such a young age i reckon i did as well but it didn,t get dignosed for a long time and i was the same i never took my meds either and now i,m 39 yrs old and the mood swings r well out control and i,ve got other symptoms 2 cause i never took my meds when i was diganosed i feel sad really cause things could have been so much better if i took my meds my pdoc warned my long time ago this would happen and i never listened it,s easy 2 say if or what what will be will be so again well done 2 u and keep taking ur meds i,m not always sayin it,s goin be easy cause havin bipolor not easy take care