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Bipolar and medication and psychiatrist



New member
Jan 21, 2020
So I am currently on 600mgs of Seroquel XR, Buspar 20mgs 3 x’s a day, and Prozac 20mgs ever 3rd day. So far my mania is pretty well controlled, But I’m still struggling with depression. When my Prozac is upped it will cause me to rapid cycle. Then I will just get my seroquel upped even more. I have been doing lots of research online, and I have read that Lamictal is good for rapid cycling, and bipolar depression without causing any mania, but my doctor doesn’t add any medications just increases what I am on. I think adding lamictal would really work for me. Would it be wrong to ask my doctor abo that combo or should I just let him do what he thinks will work? Please let me know :)


New member
Jan 24, 2020
North Tonawanda
I always ask if a new medicine is an option at this time. I have never had a problem with any of my doctors giving me a new treatment plan. They usually like to prescribe what you believe and are open minded to the medicines that will work for you. I took that med and it was fantastic however, I had a small rash the size of a quarter, in other words allergy so he took me off of it. I hope it works for you. Good luck.
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