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bipolar 2 and ocd/phobias



Former member
hi, i'm new here but i have had BP2 for 32 years and also the same phobia and slight ocd for the same time.
has anyone else with ocd and phobias got bipolar disorder as well. i feel like i must be the only one.
it would be comforting to know i'm not alone with this.
love bunbun


Former member
hey bunbun :welcome:

i think quite afew of us have.

im BP2 (or so they think) and have obsessions with numbers, remembering things, food issue's and colours etc.

your not alone :hug:


Sep 24, 2009
Hi there,

I've got Emetophobia the phobia of being sick and others being sick. I also have OCD tendancies where I have to do things a certain amount of times and avoid doing others and feel like if I don't do things such as in 3's or touching wood then something will happen to me and I panic If I can't do these things. I'm also going to be going to a doctor soon about the possibility of Bipolar Disorder but I always think my mood changes etc. are due to the anxiety and phobia but from finding other people with anxiety disorder and phobias maybe this isn't the case? Would you be able to explain to me what its like for you living with bipolar disorder? x