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Binging/Purging Issue



New member
Dec 14, 2018
Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site and just wanna get some help to recover from my eating disorder. It all started almost 2 years ago when I started a diet. I managed to balance the calories I was taking before. Well I must that I was fine but I came to a point where I got to full that I needed to throw up the food I ate. I wasn't aware of bulimia at all. I never knew it was existing. For me throwing up was just a normal thing until it gets to a point where I do it twice in a week or so. And now I'm already a prisoner. I would do it almost a day or every other day. I'm scared of what might happen if would continue this cycle. Based on the stories I've read, it's quite hard to get rid of this. Hope you can suggest some healthful tips.Thank you guys. Love you.


Well-known member
Apr 24, 2017
Hi there,

Reach out for help! Talking to your GP is the first step, which can be so helpful! They can provide you with lifestyle advice, and refer you to a therapist/counselling service. The support is there to help you break this cycle - take the opportunity!x

Much love <3