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Binge eating no triggers ?? Therapy



Jun 16, 2020
Clacton on sea

I have finally admitted to myself I have binge eating disorder.

I'm starting therapy tomorrow morning and I'm so scared. Telling a stranger I can't resist food, I steal out my mums cupboard before going home, and go to the shop to buy loads of junk and eat it within hours.

People dont understand i can not physically resist the food. Its a drug i have to have.

I should also add im a 30 year old female who its too overweight. And I can never pinpoint 1 feeling to why i need food. Most people say they're depressed etc but I not.

Food makes me really happy. But i know its out of control.

I don't feel stressed or depressed, or anxious. I can want food any time of day, night. After work, as soon as I wake up.

Has anyone else started theraoy ? Is it working?

Does anyone else feel like they have no triggers?


May 25, 2020
You are so brave to admit to having a binge eating disorder. I have it and it is very hard to admit to as there is less understanding about it. It is great you are starting therapy tomorrow. I understand it is a hard subject to talk about. It is like having an addiction as it is not something that can be just stopped or controlled. It could be that you do have a trigger but you are not sure of what it is yet. You may find out through therapy. I found therapy very helpful. I hope it helps you too.


New member
Jun 27, 2020
You are so brave I’m so proud of you. Just please know as someone who has put himself through starvation and a lot of pain that if you want to start losing weight, it’s not worth putting your body in a bad place. I just want to remind you that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like because you’re a beautiful person :)


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2020
I have triggers here and there. I would say maybe you don’t have a trigger and it’s the feel good hormone that’s released (serotonin) when you eat. It makes us feel calm and happy. It’s one of those things we like to chase after because it’s such a nice feeling.
Another thing is do you restrict yourself at all? Like try and limit your foods too much?
People find when they restrict themselves it will trigger a binge episode. Like if I don’t let myself have what I’m craving now and again, I will have a full on binge sometimes with what I’m craving.


New member
Jun 23, 2020
United States
I've had a binge eating discord most of my life at a young age, this went to anorexia when a boy got involved, and back to binging. I don't have much help in regards to therapy or if it works - but I do want to say that it's taken me to get diabetes, and heart failure to realize that my health was important and death was scarier than losing food. Please keep us updated after you have your first session - I'm interested in knowing how that goes.


New member
Jul 30, 2020
Bravo! I think talking to someone who is compassionate and knowledgeable in your struggles is the best decision in the world. Realize that food addiction is a private, isolating disease and I truly believe that speaking about it to others releases the shame and the perpetual cycle that shame puts us in with food.
The only success I've had with food addiction was in an intensive outpatient program, where there was constant accountability, discussion, data collection, and training in cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies. I've been graduated from the program for nearly 8 months now, and I'm sorry to say, that I'm back to my old ways. The following TED Talk was so illuminating for me, so I'm trying to find a community rather than stay in isolation and perpetuate my eating disorder.


New member
Aug 3, 2020
I have recently realised I have a really unhealthy relationship with food. I don’t binge all at once really but just don’t stop eating throughout the day. It’s just constant. I also feel like I haven’t got a specific trigger to it ie emotional. But I just know it makes me happy so I think that’s what I eat for maybe. I don’t have to be unhappy to want to eat but it’s always on my mind rather than eating because I feel a certain way.
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