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Biggest psychosis experience 2018 in 2 months



New member
Jul 11, 2019
Last year in November and December I had extreme psychotic symptoms, I were in great shape (I had running for almost 1,5 year) I was looking really good and girls liked me.

I spoke to many girls and later on for some reason I went into pig psychotic illusions for 2 whole months and they were swere (extremely)

I could see through different dimensions and I was hearing peace in the air and I was hearing how the different dimensions were calling me and wanted me to come to the another world. I could here through the nature.

Everyday I was walking this long road through the city and I was meeting many beautiful girls there and they knew I was walking there all the time so once one girl made a really beautiful rose of a napkin and left it on the road for me and for some reason I could sense that they made it just for me. It was so sophisticated made that it was unbelievable that a human could make it. They even made a leaf on it and it was looking real.

These all were happening at the same time I was having severe psychosis, I feelt really good and I was sensing the different dimensions and that it was calling me home, I decided to kill myself, however what I did didn't really kill me.

I feelt failure toward the death, I was feeling really good so good in fact that I didn't want to be alive . I was feeling in the quiet the other dimension calling me.

I wonder what this is and if anyone else have sensed similar things?

What kind of psychosis is this?

I think that this is real and not even psychosis in some points.
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Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
Sweetheart do not fret you are at peace while breathing you are not meant to die that is what all this means. You take care and I am sending lots of love your way Jules