Biggest breakthrough I've ever experienced with the voices I hear!!!



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Jul 9, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Another question (hope you don't mind me asking), would be do you find your mind working over time when the voice intrudes, e.g. you are stressed/anxious etc...
I certainly don't mind you asking. You can ask me anything you want. The voice intrudes at unpredictable and seemingly random times. I do not have to be in any particular mental state for the voice to occur. I can be calm, relaxed, and content, or I could be stressed and anxious- it doesn't seem to matter. However, if I am depressed, thinking badly of myself, or am very anxious, the EFFECT of the voice seems worse. I am then less able to detach myself from it and oftentimes slip into very negative mental states. When I am not doing well otherwise, I also have a tendency to want to "abuse" the voice back, start arguing or fighting with it...these reactions have never been helpful. I hope that answers your question:) Have a nice day!


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Jun 13, 2016
Sorry, but I have another question... do you find the nature of the voice changes with your moods :hug:
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