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Bi-Polar Bear



Nov 13, 2009
Hi all, my name's Kevin. I've had BPD since I was 16. I'm now 37. I've only had two episodes of Mania when I was 16 and 19. The first episode kept me in a Psych ward for about two months. The second episode had me in the ward for only 9 days and I was released. I was started on Lithium at the age of 16, and then my Psychiatrist decided I didn't need it any more at the age of 18. Things started to go badly for me then, until after a few months, I was readmitted to the Psych ward with mania or perhaps hypomania. I was put back on to Lithium and things started to improve for me pretty much straight away. I was released after 9 days in hospital. I haven't had an episode of mania or depression since then. That was 17 years ago. I have been pretty much constantly taking my Lithium since that time.

I don't want to sound as if I'm bragging or anything, especially as I read the problems people have here in this Forum. I believe that there are two reasons why I have been able to stay so well. The first is my faith in God and the second is the medication (Lithium in my case) and making sure I take the medication. I think that I would have found it hard to take the medication if I didn't believe that God wanted me to take it. This is a key factor for me. I have gone off it in the past on occassion, but I always find that I feel much better on it than I do off it.

Anyway, that's a little bit about my journey. I hope that it encourages someone. Be the best Bi-Polar Bear you can be! Peace.

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Hi and :welcome: good to hear from you.
Keep posting!


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