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bf & my bipolar



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Feb 18, 2010
hey i was wondering if anyone has any advice.my bf got a job bout 5 weeks ago he gets no basic wage and is only paid on comission.he leaves the house bout 6am then expects to see me whenever he gets in but he never knows the time in advance so am meant to sit bout and then go to his at like 10 o'clock when am tired and ave not been we have lately i have been assigned to the crisis team.he also has a little boy who is 5 who comes every weekend who i love to bits.he has worked 3 sats out of 6 so i babysit.and the other week he only got paid £13!!!which he said wont happen again. i feel like i hardly see him or get any support and he says am bein selfish by not supportin him but i have been! its been weeks i just dont think he has time for his job and me. am i bein unreasonable?


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Jun 26, 2009
You are not being unreasonable, his job sounds dodgy, he shouldn't be working all those hours and get only £13. I thought normally you get a basic salary then the extra is commission. There is a minimum wage, his employer should be paying that.

Sorry to hear about your troubles