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Beyond threats: Risk factors for suicide in borderline personality disorder


quality factor

Thanks firemonkee, once again an appropriate and interesting read.
I have to have my medication strictly supervised and recieve it weekly in a blister pack.
Recently my prescription ran out because they had mis-read it on changing GP practice. I had one hell of a time trying to get get my proper prescription sorted out. I was made to feel like I was after more medication in a deceitful manner when in reality I was being totally honest.The dishonest few give those of us who are honest a bad name.


Excellent article Firemonkee. I tend to agree with that cohesive approach and it has certainly worked for me!
I guess it requires that all of the mental health/health professionals involved in your care working towards the same strategy for it to work though. I am so fortunate that I got that, even from my GP but it required continual communication from all professionals involved. I ticked the box on a form once saying that I would also like to receive all correspondence about me from professionals in my care that they sent to eachother. As a consequence at times my post box would be inundated with letters going back and forth. At one point I thought it was a bit overload! However now i realise the importance of this continual correspondence in getting everyone to work to the same strategy, and meant that everyone involved was aware of my changing needs. I am now as a result so much better and in little need of support.
I hope over time I will hear more positive stories of similiar strategies being implemented and working!



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Aug 8, 2008
How do i get copies of information sent to me? This would be very helpful as I always feel i am being kept in the dark.


I'm not sure why you would be kept in the dark. The only thng I could find on the web which included A psychiatrists point of view in Cambridge was this.


But probably best not to rely on that information but ask your mental health practioners yourself why you have not been included. It may be due to them being involved in your care before they decided to do this as best practice, or they may have decided not to continue this as best practice. All I know is that in the specialist eating disorders services, and mental health services I was under where I live this was a statutory question I was asked. But it may vary from council to council. I am not sure if there is a law that governs whether each health authority has to offer this option. But if you think it could help and benefit you having this information then I can't see it doing any harm to at least ask, at least they can give you their reasoning if they have any?

Hope that helps!


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