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best Drug treatments or natural remedys for ocd?



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Dec 3, 2009
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What do you think is the best medication for ocd?, ive tryed most of them in the past apart from the more potent fast acting treatments such as anafranil or the tricyclics, they have helped but the antipsychotics i took messed me up in other ways and kind of negated their antidepressant effects and ocd aleviation so i didnt get much out of them, i was thinking of trying st johns wort which i have taken in the past when i was younger but i dont know if that will be effective? also i do take benzos on occasion will they interact badly with st johns wort? as for CBT i do my own and i dont let the thoughts get to me but my ocd is quite severe and can go almost psychotic so i think a drug treatment will be required.


Apr 1, 2010
OCD Thinking

Hi and just my thoughts

Well i am glad i am not alone in the "thinking" problem i have had it now for 15 years although i have held my life together just workin helps giving me a purpose.

I am always always and always thinking be it radome stuff that may have happened throuh he day to problem solving, never realised before but people have always asked me for advice ?? so i take their problem throw it around in my head and come up with a solution for them.

That maybe a positive outcome from the obcessive thought process, but i hate living with it and have seen my doctor and have been passed to mentall health for help and all i got was Antidepressents because thats what it said in their book on how to treat my condition. My condition because its Obsessional and Compulsive and because its not normal is classed as Disorder i get the title of having an OCD and treated with Antidepressents because thats what the book says !!!

The Antidepressents do not work or have not worked for me i need a medication that sloooows down my brain from being overactive, and stops me thinking about this that or just to rediculas point of "just thinking why i am "thinking about thinking" (this may make sense to some of you ?)

I am a smoker and this i know makes me worse bt i have treid to stop and my heads is just full of thoughts of stoping smoking and not thinking a bout smoking smoking smoking smoking thoughts are just running around my head all the time then to the point its easier just to buy some to shut myself up of thinking about them ! If i smoke it gives be one thing less to think about but i know i should stop because it does make it worse like the first thin in the morning compared to having one half an hour later after wakin, my head is still thinking but after the first cigarette its worsended or hightened the thoughts and their of at a thousand miles an hour.

Anyway thats me and my thoughts hope someone may make sense of what i have said.

Which moves me on to "I may have the answer" I suggest you read a book called The remarkable forotton medicine by Jack Dreyfus


The above link is an overview of Jack Dreyfus and his words struck a chord so much i ordered the book and started reading it. my Paul Mc kenna stop smoking book or anybook i find hard to concentrate and stick with. This book lastnight i could not put down or wanted to stop reading i think i topped my bath up three times.

If you have had enough of living with your overactive mind like i have this book with help of your GP may bring you freedom from it , i hope it does for me and anyone else thats wants to join in .

The Best of Luck to you all and my Best Wishes Mark West Yorkshire UK