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Bent not broken



Oct 1, 2019
Lakeland fl
So ive been having a hard time with not beating myself up for all the pain and loss an everything else ive done due to my drug addiction... Ive been scared to get on medication because lets face it... Im a recovering drug addict. Im scared even though i will not accept narcotics that i will find a way to abuse the medication... Its hard... I do the smallest thing wrong and i feel ive not only messed everything else up... But i beat myself up because i cant do anything rite... Then my boyfriend spends twenty thirty mins sitting with me trying to help ground me because i just completely lose it... I feel if i dont get this right... Im gonna lose everything...

Ive decided to go see a psy. And discuss the options of putting myself on medication... I downloaded the calm app. To help with me with my breathing exercises... Ive started a panic attack diary... Im looking at an reading blogs to help find other solutions until my apt...


Well-known member
Founding Member
Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Hi there and welcome . I hope you dont have to wait too long to see a p/doc. You will need to explain your addiction problem and that will be taken into account when prescribing. Do you think all your problems are due to your addiction or do you have something else on top. It’s good that you’ve got your b/f support
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